Plastikote primer on styrene :(


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Anyone had a problem with plasti-kote sandable primer not drying properly on styrene? I think they must have changed the formula down here in NZ... I usually use Tamiya primer but needed a thicker coat on a larger vacformed model and plasti-kote still felt tacky after a couple of days... And the new spray nozzles seem to spit way more than they used to (but clog less)

I ended up buying a cheap gravity feed HVLP touch up gun and, after sanding back the plastikote, hit it with auto primer and got a really smooth finish that dried really fast. I'm actually surprised at how finely atomised the paint was and how controllable the spraygun was.
I love the Plasti-Kote, but only their "Classic Lacquer" series primer. You can get it at CarQuest in the US. If I can't get that primer, I use the Duplicolor.
I've used Plastikote on styrene for years and never had a problem.

Ditto! thee hands-down Best out there.
re: PlastiKote - Keep the Faith!
If you get a bad can (happens / even to the Best of em) - take it back.

Keep in mind that (like all solvent based primers) heat, cold & moisture
will have an adverse effect on normal usage.

Oh & Crowded House = Rock!
I'm in NZ as well but I have never had any problems with Plasticote sandable primer on styrene which has always been my modelling medium. Have you washed the vac-formed parts in warm soapy water first. Maybe that would work.

Nick K
So... it was actually Plasti-kote Primer Super which I was having a problem with (which is made in Europe). The guy in the paint store said it was the same stuff :/ The last batch of plasti-kote Sandable primer I used came from Ohio.

But spraygun and auto primer is giving much better (and faster drying) results than a rattle can.
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