Plastidip -Not all plastidip is equal


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I just wanted to share something I’ve learned about plastidip over the last year.

I have had both amazing results from plastidip as a sealer and complete disasters from it. On many occasions I have had plastidip spit out blobs that would make for a major eye soar on my foam builds. It baffled me that some would be fine and others not, just flat out not. Now I always soak my cans in warm water before use and make sure it is not too cold before apply. I was wracking my brain as to why some cans are great and others are not. This weekend I found the answer.

All the cans I purchased at our local Home Depot spray sputter out. No matter how warm or anything. The cans I purchased at Walmart give me a flat perfect spray every time. I know it comes down to storage techniques or something like that (maybe Home Depot exposes them to harsher elements causing clumping in the cans, I don’t know). All I do know if if you get plastidip that sprays blobs out no matter what you do try buying from another source. Now that I have figured this out my life will be way easier. I just wanted to share to maybe save some of you a headache..

Here is a pic of what I am talking about.

With sputter from Home Depot

Finish from a normal can from Walmart.


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Welcome to the forum! Can Plastidip be used to finish off a 3D model, like spray on and sand down to smooth out the model?


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I find the trick is to always clean the nozzle between each coat. The sputtering is usually caused by build up at the exit of the nozzle. Doing this, I have had Plastidip cans that last until their very last spray with no sputtering.


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I finished off the inside of my TK helmet with Home Depot PlastiDip and didn’t have any issues.




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I’m not saying all Home Depot’s are like that. Just certainly the ones here are. I have sputtering from brand new cans from there. I was just posting in case you have a can that does it it may be because of where it was from.
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