Plastic Sheets, Which Plastic to use

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by archtk, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. archtk

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    Hello guys,

    I would like to make some plastic models, basically a pulse rifle 1:1 Scale and a studio scale millenium falcon.

    My question is which plastic sheet is best for model making. I found a plastic manufacturer that sells ABS or HIPS, Styrene and Sintra or Fomex (Foam PVC)
    Ives used ABS and Styrene before but which one do you guys recommend.

    I think it should be strong easy to work, glue and paint but most of all one that wont warp or come unstuck at the seams.

    Ive done architectural models before but I dont remember the plastic but over time the models warp terribly.

    Advise guys appreciated.
  2. 3d-builder

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    I use the HIPS High Impact Poly Styrene never had that
    warp on me.:thumbsup
  3. Flixen

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    I would go with plexiglas (PMMA) LINK
    That dosent warp.
  4. archtk

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    Hmmmm thanks guys..

    I thry with hips
  5. TazMan2000

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    HIPS. Easy to get, comes in various thicknesses, easy to cut, easy to sand easy to glue. However other plastics can also be used in order to strengthen the model or to provide the inner framework or supports. Metal piping, or structures will also need to be used if building something very large in order to resist sagging over time.

  6. yaris

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    HIPS for sure;)
  7. MonsieurTox

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    This is a 4 years old thread bumped by a guy doing an advertisement (link) of his website/company...

    MOD EDIT: Spammer post deleted... also found another spammer in the thread from 2012, thanks for the heads up.
  8. yaris

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    well...that's disappointing.....I didn't even look at the dates....:facepalm......the info is still valid I think....HIPS is a good choice for modelling;)

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