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Any suggestions on what's the best to work with?

Making a Green Lantern Battery and I've got some gaps that need filling and seams to cover up to make this look clean, but I've read suggestions online from things from Bondo to epoxies and wanted some opinions on what's best to work with, easiest to sand and mold, bonds the best, best priced, and best to fill small vs large gaps.

Thanks ahead of time for any info!

Regular Bondo is a great all around filler. If your blemishes are small or you are just filling pin holes then go with the Bondo spot putty. If you need to drastically alter shape via filling then look into Apoxie Sculpt.
I have been using "green Stuff" for years when modifying plastics and resins. It's is made by Games Workshop and is intended for Pewter and Resin minatures. It's a bit pricey but I like it because it has the consistency of gum/silly putty, it very easy to sculpt, not messy at all, and if it is not wet it gets tacky so it even works as an adhesive.

I would not count on it as a permanent bond for something that will hold a load but I have used it to hold screws in striped holes or to mount electronics. I would say it holds about as well as hot glue as an adhesive. Once it dries it sand extremely easily and is effectively plastic.

I have used bondo before too and while it's good for some larger applications I find it messy and inconsistent. I normally only have to apply and sand once with green stuff.

You can find it at any shop that carries Warhammer stuff. I suggest getting the larger pack that has two tubes of the stuff. Online I could only find the small pack from
Modelling Putty (Green Stuff) | Games Workshop
But I did find a site that sells the larger pack which is a MUCH better value:
GF9 Green Stuff

For an example of how useful it is, here is a minature I did where the whole mountain base is made from Green Stuff. Firebrand Creations

Also a Dark City Syringe I did where the beads used to attach the rings are completely made of green stuff. Firebrand Creations
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