Plasti Dip and Foamies


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I was wondering and seen a few threads where peeps have used Plasti-Dip on Foamies and said it works fine. However I have not found the answer Ia m looking for yet.


When you have the foamie piece ready, Do you Paint it First then Plasti-Dip or Plasti-Dip then Paint over Plasti-Dip??? I ask because I have seen Plasti-Dip here at the local hardware stores that come in clear as well and wasn't sure which to get or what the process was so figured ask the experts first.

Thanks in advance.

If Anyone has any Photos of how they did theirs or any tips please post them.


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I've used both but not together. I can tell you that plasti-dip will crack if applied too heavily, unless the foamies are the sticky-back type and being applied to a hard surface. What are you doing with the foamies and I may be able to give you a better answer?


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I'm actually doing a full suit. my first one. 80% of the body armor is Foamies ranging from 12mm - 2mm in thickness. I used some Krylon Grey Primer on a scrap piece of Foamies to see how it would react and worked actually fine. I was able to blend, twist and rub the sprayed on primer on the Foamie. I was afraid it would rub off or flake and it did nothing to that affect. I was looking at the Plasti-Dip because I wanted to get the same affect as VinMan did on his template pics. I was reading that he used Plasti-Dip and then HammerHead Spray.

The only down side is he didn't say which he did first. Plasti-dip or HammerHead.

So basically, I want to know which to do first, spray with Paint First? or Spray with Plasti-Dip?

I have nearly all my Armor ready with the exception of the Shin and Chest Armor which I will have done this weekend. I did however find a very cheap and free workaround on the hammerhead effect on Foamies by taking several different size Brushes and Combs and hitting the Foamies before shaping or cutting. Works even better if you Heat up the Foamies in the oven on Broil for 10 seconds or less and when it is hot hit the Foamies a few times and cool it instantly under a Fan to hold the shape and dents. Gives it a Free and great HammerHead affect without needing to paint it to look like that.


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I would try both ways on a scrap piece, it sounds too me that you have Clear plasti-dip. If this is the case,then it would be used as a topcoat to protect the paint. I would also try shooting Vinman a email asking to him to clarify. Good Luck, Jason


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There is another solution over plastidip. Go to an auto paint store and buy flexible bumper primer. Comes in rattle cans and is used to paint rubber bumpers. Spray a thin even coat, then detail in acrylic paint washes. Worked great on urethane rubber castings I did


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Thanks guys, I will try shooting Vinman an email and see what he says too.

@ ptgreek - great idea I will give that a try too.

@ chopperf - I will give that a try as well and let everyone know what happens.


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I spoke with Vinmanmac -
Hey brother, I was told to just ask the man,

I been looking at all your templates. Can you please explain how you painted them? I know you said Plasti-Dip and HammerHead Paint. but did you do the Plasti-Dip First and then the Paint? or paint then Plasti? I ask because at the Ace Hardware and Home Depots here they have Clear Plasti-Dip.

Thanks brother. Great work by the way!

Here is what he said:

No problem bro
Black plasti dip spray paint first as a primer

Hammered metal second

Paint on black gloss latex third and rub it off to simulate dirt and oil

Lightly apply silver rub n buff cream paste to bring out the hammered detail fourth

Gloss coat in clear polyurethane spray paint

Good luck
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