Plaster mold has mold (bacteria)??


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Hi all- recently I had to make a quick latex half mask and since I only needed one or two castings, I just used plaster of Paris since it was cheap and what I had at the moment. Everything went smoothly and I got one casting out of the mold, but the project had to be put on pause for a few days. As such, I left the mold just out on my work table. When I went back to start make another casting, I noticed that the mold had developed many tiny dark green spots, of what I assume to be mold. Do you guys know what caused this? And if there’s any way to clean or sanitize the mold, and even more of I can still make another latex casting from the mold? I can post a pic if you guys ask too any help would be great


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Also let some air get to the mold!,
Clean with bleach dry and lie flat so the air can get in, this happened to me all the time.