Plans for New 52 Superman Suit


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Hey guys Castle0715 here with his first thread. This year I was Superman for NYC Comic Con as you can see from my profile pic with a suit similar to the new "Man Of Steel" movie, for next year I was thinking of making the new 52 Supersuit which is more Kryptonian armor then just cloth over him. I was going to have another suit sewn but then it dawned on me, since the new suit is armor should i make it out of foam latex or rubber to give it a more armor feel and look or stick with fabric? Give me your honest opinions
oh i googled it but I couldn't find anything which identified it.

@ mr castle, the new side pieces/belt look like urethane plastic to me. There does seem to be a foam latex under suit under the mesh..


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Thanks a lot movie master and to everyone else out there I will def keep u guys update with pics and videos and a step by step so if u wan build your own I can help you out. I will also be building the savage hawkman costume which I think is just badass


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Actually you should search along the lines of "DC New 52 Superman"




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Interesting design with that one. I am actually pleasantly surprised as to the Batman design. Looks like an amalgamation of all the best Batsuits, IMO. Done very nicely.


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To be honest guys You will be the 1st to hear this so when I start udating my page more and more stay tuned in, next year for NYC Comic Con me and my friends are going dressed as the new 52 justice league, almost every member will be included from batman all the way down to zatanna, and in the future I will ask all of you for advice on the rest of the suits from what to make it out of to what weapons to use. I want to bring these comics to life in a way no one has ever seen before and show heroes can exsist.


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Movie master I will be posting up more pics probably around 2morrow, you will also see my friends dead pool costume and my girl friends x-23 suit of the same quality
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