Planet Of The Apes (stunt rifles)

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    These have been in my way long enough so I went ahead and finished them off.

    These were modeled off a screen used (70 Beneath) background rifle. The original stunt/background rifles were made of wood and featured adjustable rifle straps. They were produced in a quick and dirty fashion with large, clunky fake bolts that were carved from wood. These replicas have been produced in the same manor but the faux bolts was cast in resin.

    NOTE: The bolts were cast from a carved wooden master so they retain the groovy 70's wood grain finish present on the originals.

    I've always been fond of this prop. The stunt rifles seen in the film had a utilitarian, simian charm all their own and these certainly mirror them in all their monkey lovin' goodness.

    Thought you guys might enjoy the pics.




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