Planet of the apes. (Statue of Liberty)

Desert minion

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Here is the start of a diorama im working on from the Original Planet of the Apes

I 3-d modeled the Statue and will be building the beach portion starting this weekend.


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Can't concentrate, Charlton Heston's screaming in my head... lol... Can NOT wait to see how this turns out. Brilliant idea for a diorama.


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Ghostbusters II Diorama?

Judge Dredd Megacity skyscape?

Cloverfield monster diorama?

Day After Tomorrow frozen Statue?

Deep Impact giant wave?

Independence Day fallen statue with Saucer behind?

Desert minion

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Some paint test. Just checking color and playing around


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Desert minion

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Been a bit. Regular job keeping me busy. Quick update. Still carving the mountain.

Thanks for looking


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The Goon

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...Actually, Bartholdi copied his brother's face (Jean-Charles) for the statue.
Or so some say. I've only seen photos of his brother bearded, so that makes it more difficult to determine for me. Most "authorities" say Bartholdi used his mother's face and I definitely see a resemblance there, so I tend to think that's probably more accurate.

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