Planet of the Apes gorilla mask


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This is an Apemania appliance. I still need to finish adding hair, cut and style it, and paint up the face.


The color is 2b a very dark brown. Per Apemania this is the color to get for chimps and gorillas. Once I add dark browns on the face the brown hair will not look too light. I will try to find the Cher photo when she is with a pair of gorillas and you can see the browns of the hair.

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Always love checking out your work, not a particular fan of apes but your workmanship and eye for detail is astounding.
Looking great Jessica.

We need more Ape stuff on here! Everyone seems obsessed with making Iron man costumes out of egg boxes and other stuff I've never even heard of ?

Is this appliance attached to a spandex full slip on hood ?

Lovin the Cher pic, but the Gorilla on the left looks a little uncomfortable with the situation and also a little familiar?
When did Cher hook up with these soldiers for a photo shoot then.

The Gorilla hair looks good already, hope to see some close ups of the finished facial colouring and rusty brown hair highlights.

Don't forget the all important 'trail dust'.
yeah i think the black face was making me notice the brown hair, once the face has the brown on it will look well good! i may have to watch POTA tonight :)
Looking great Jessica.

Is this appliance attached to a spandex full slip on hood ?

Don't forget the all important 'trail dust'.

Yes it is attached to a spandex full slip on hood. If you black out your eyes and pull on this hood and finger-comb the hair, you will be an instant gorilla. It won't be as expressive as a mask that you glue onto your face but it will be more comfortable than a regular latex mask.

I have already ordered the needles so I can punch in the hairline. Can't wait to try my hand at that.
I have already ordered the needles so I can punch in the hairline. Can't wait to try my hand at that.[/QUOTE]

What type of special needles are required for this work and could you tell me how the hair is actually fixed in position once threaded through. I can't imagine that it could be knotted?
Never tried hair punching before but from what I have read you use a crown punch needle that will punch in the hair one or two at a time into the foam latex (and hopefully in my case through it). I think that to set the hair you have to coat the underside with latex so it won't pull out. You don't need to knot the hair--the hair is imbedded. Not really sure how easily this will pull out once punched in. I'll let you know!!

If you want to knot the hairs you would have to use a ventilation hook, and you have to latch up the hairs onto a netting. This is way intense and a pain in the neck--literally and figuratively!!
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