Places for pre-cut MDF? (29.5" x 80")


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I'm looking for and MDF board cut 29.5 x 80 inches. Before I by a huge board and cut it, is there any place that offers a cutting service or sells pieces in odd sizes? Any help would be appreciated.
Hmm, no I haven't. My IKEA is a little bit of a trek away, but I will look into it. Thanks Josh.

I am trying to mount one of Acid Burn's HIC panels. I knew Hope Depot had plenty of boards in various materials, but I didn't think they could cut something so big, that makes me happy. I am in a temporary locale and have no means to cut something that big.
I have had them tell me they wouldn't cut mdf, because of the chemicals in it, but that was years ago when I designed and built subwoofer boxes.
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