Place to get custom plaques made?


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Anyone have a good place to get laser engraved name plates, plaques, etc? I need to get several prop display small plates made up.
Most likely. I will check that out too!

Wondering if there were any online places that you submit a graphic to and said plaque magically shows up on your doorstep!
I used a local trophy place to make the Pulse Rifle and Terminator rifle plaques. They were not laser engraved but he did an excellent job. Cost was very reasonable and I used my own fonts.

Oh one other thing. I met with a waterjet cutting guy earlier in the week and he showed me some of the work he had done. I'll say that it was very impressive. I'm thinking about having some plaques cut from aluminum sheet and then back lit with LEDs. Those would make awesome display plaques and can be just about any size.
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