PKD - Raptor: A Concept Gun Design for Gaff


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Found my new desktop background! :love::love::love:

Ok, now we have to have electronic kits for these bad boys! ;)

Keep up the awesome work Rick.


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This Is Amazing Rick. It would be a true dream come true for me. Please leave me a seat open In this adventure. and thank you for all the awesome work going Into this project. It's a piece of Art I would cherish till the end.


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Thank you all! As many of you understand, it is sometimes difficult to stay on track with these kinds of projects when work and life, in general, are always getting in the way. But, I am trying to devote as much free time as I can to this particular project. I still do not have a workshop, but for now, I just need my computer and office space to prepare the multitude of parts for printing. I am focused only on completing this phase for the time being. I will worry about what follows next later.



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A few more concepts






More images can be found here
Kipple-Maker01 on DeviantArt



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I love this gun so much. I can't wait to see how it turns out. If you need more help printing and testing pieces, ive got a couple printers just sitting around I can help with.


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Thank you all again for your kind comments. I really appriciate them. Just a quick update. I have been overloaded with work from my day job and have had very little time to work consistantly on anything else these past few months. Rest assured that when I do have free moments here and there, I am slicing up and converting this model into size appropriate, printable, modular parts that can be molded and cast for assembly into an articulating, lightable prop. I continue to beg for your patience.


Just saw this thread, as a fan of blade runner and original weapons I have to say this is absolutely fantastic looking! I look forward to seeing the final prop!

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