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Pitch Black filming ship, abandoned in Aus?

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
It's in Coober Pedy where Pitch Black was filmed (and Mad Max!) sitting in front of a shop there, it was purchased by the shop owners when filming wrapped.
That photo is a few years old though, but it's still in great shape. Lots of people visit it as it's recommended by all kinds of hotels and shops etc, but everyone has their photo taken with it, whether they know what it's from or not :lol

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I think I found it on google maps. Is this it?



Gorgeous ship...and lucky people! such decoration items are generally destroyed quickly after production...


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Cool to have stuff like this down under but its still 2500 KM away a 2 day drive so i wont be seeing it any time soon

Monster Dave

Sr Member
Just watched Pitch Black again last night. Good looking ship, and I'd LOVE to have that beauty sitting in my yard!

Not to get off toping (or into a movie discussion) but I loved Pitch Black - so much better than Riddick. I hope the new film is as good as the hype is leading it to be.

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