Pit Droid Dimensions needed for 1:1 3D printing


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A friend asked me to help him model up the Pit Droids from The Phantom Menace. Does anyone have dimensions for any of the major parts?


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Since they were done as CG elements, the size is a little arbitrary. But the maquette was about 7" tall. I can measure my mine in a couple days if that helps. The maquette was supposed to be 1/6th scale, but a lot happens between the time a maquette is made and the final film comes out.


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While I was building mine I used some horrid pics of the maquette that I found online, I would love to see some really decent pics of one to firm up details a bit :)


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^ Around that, WAC-47 was documented at 1.19 metres or 3.9 feet during the clone wars, if it helps. That is including the antennae as the top of their domes is just slightly higher than an R2 unit. Its 'nose' is 20cms in diameter.


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Excellent info already! Thanks, guys. Knowing the height and nose diameter should be a terrific starting point.

@Duncanator - Even though the maquette will have differences from the final CG model, it will be a great help, if not an interesting reference.

@spacebob - Thanks for your willingness to help! I replied to your PM.
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I'll take some pics tomorrow of the individual pieces of my pid droid with dims for ref but I just checked a few numbers.

pit443s.jpg (click pic)
He's 1040mm tall to the top of his dome
1260mm inc antenna
755mm to the centre of the shoulder joint
490mm to the centre of the hip joint.
I usually draw plans for my builds but this time i just used aggregate measurements from lots of photos and the hasbro toy and then pushed each dimension towards what I thought looked good.
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