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Since I wasn't happy with the lack of detail in the Master Replica's version of the Aztec Gold Coin Medallion, I wanted to make my own, more accurate gold coins. I used the metal coins that were included as checker pieces in a licensed Pirates game as base. First I drilled a hole in the coins sideways, as seen in the coin necklace in the parte movie:


After that, the coins are gold-plated by a jeweler (yep, real gold!). The result is a much more detailed aztec coin than the MR version.

I did a run of these months ago, but I have some coins left that are not gold-plated yet. I wanted to see if there is still interest in these coins. The run wil be limited, since the amount of coins I still have, is also limited. So let it hear if you want one. Price is €70 for one coin.

In the first picture you see my coin (left) compared to the MR coin (right). You can notice that my coin is slightly bigger than the MR version. Also in the last piture you can see the lack of detail in the MR coin on the bottom. The top two coins are the gold-plated and a non-plated coin. The other pictures arec of my previous run and some detailed pictures of how the hole is drilled.

A necklace is not included, but you can use the necklace of the MR coin, as seen in the pictures. But also without a necklace you can display it just as a coin. Where the MR version has a loop hole that is clearly visible, my coin has a hole that is concealed due to the way it is drilled.

Interest list - Second run:

The Terminator => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762118BE => Delivered!
The Terminator => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762118BE => Delivered!
justanuthercap => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762149BE => Delivered!
Don93 => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762170BE => Delivered!
Darth_Nickel => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762245BE
ColdVizjerei => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762237BE => Delivered!
DavyVO => PAID for a perfect one => 010541288500452621220307846105 => Delivered!
Mpops89 => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762183BE
anjalein => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762095BE => Delivered!
PhantomPickle => PAID for a perfect one => RF076762223BE => Delivered!
Ljaat => PAID for Imperfect #2 => RF076762197BE => Delivered!
bluecoyote => PAID for Imperfect #3 => RF076762210BE => Delivered!
Perducci8 => PAID for Imperfect #1 => RF076762206BE => Delivered!
Pascal Kurosawa => PAID for imperfect #4 => RF076762135BE => Delivered!
rockbottom => PAID for imperfect #5 => RF076762104BE => Delivered!


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Bumping this one... I thought there would be more interest... After the first run, a dozen RPF members contacted me for a coin...
Now we're talkin' ;-). I won't ask for a deposit on these. Payment is due when these are actually ready to ship.
Time to start looking for the coins, I guess ;-). I know I still have a few left in a box on the attic, but not sure how much. I guess I'll have about 20 to offer, maybe less. So first to express their interest can have one (or more). I still have to drill the holes. These are also necessary to hang the coins when they are goldplated. People asked me if they could get a coin without the hole, but that's not possible.

I'll contact my jeweler again to ask for an exact price for the goldplating. All depends on the actual gold-price, since they are plated with real gold...
Interested. I have thought about doing this myself a few times so it is nice to see this project up and going.
Guys, I'm cutting myself here, but there are two of my previous coins up for sale in the yunkyard for way less money than I sold them: No way I can offer these for that kind of money, and the seller is taking quite a loss with that price. Don't know how much coins I sold him, but I think only two. So be fast and contact slimesquare if you want to do a VERY good deal.
And the ones in the thread I mentiond are sold... (off course, at such a low price). If someone on the list managed to get one of these and want to be taken off the list here, please let me know.
RobI snapped up both, he told me. You made a good deal mate! Have fun with them. Always welcome to post a review here, once you receive them. This new run will be exactly the same as the first ones, but maybe I'll make the hole a bit bigger...
I counted the coins I still have, and that are 20 coins, of wich I want to keep 5. So 15 coins will be available in this run, and that's it. So for now, I'm not selling unplated coins.
The most accurate chain will be that one from the master replicas coin. The coin itself is not good, but the chain i pretty accurate. It's also the chain you can see see in the pictures in the first post. So it will fit these coins.

As for ETA: my son is in the hospital right know (life threw a curveball at me: the little guy (4 years old) was diagnosed with a tumor in it's spinal cord. This has been removed last tuesday. Luckily, no nerves were damaged, so he will not be paralyzed. Unfortunately, not all of the tumor was removed, so we'll have to see what the after treatment will be.

So as for the coins: they are ready to ship off to my jeweler, but I'll have to contact him to see when he have time to take care of them. I guess these won't be ready to ship before end of july...
I just got my coins (from the FS post in Junkyard) and all I can say is...nicely done. They are surprisingly heavy and feel very good in the hand. Plating looks nice and kind of has as 'old gold' look to it but still very shiny. The chain hole is almost invisible but I plan on getting an MR chain eventually. Oh and they 'clink' too. I got two of them and when I put them on my desk they sort of knocked together making a lovely coin'like sound. I'm very happy with them and if I didn't get that deal in the Junkyard, I'd certainly be buying one from Tom. :)

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