Pirates On Stranger Tides steelbook


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Yep, pretty much; plastic dvd/Blu-Ray holder in a metal case.

Btw, as I understand it there are no "making of" featurettes available for this movie unless you buy the super-duper, five disc, Blu-Ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital set. :angry


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What the heck is a SteelBook? Just a metal case?
Yup, just a metal case....netither steel, nor, in fact, a book. If you go to AVForums, there are threads with like multiple pages and hundreds of posts on these. People go crazy for them.....

There's also some sort of huge collector adoration for "slipcases" too.

I just don't get it.



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OK! I thought it was some special POTC OST version for sale exclusive to BB!

I ended up getting the 5-disc set from Amazon for only $23.99 back in July when it was a special with Amazon coupon and Disney coupon! Trouble is Amazon keeps emailing me that it is out of stock....well yeah! It hasn't been released yet!!1
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