Interest Pirates of the Carribean Talking Skull Replica


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Always wanted to create one of my own but thought there may be others here interested in assembling one as well.

It would not come with fabric, but all the other parts you see here (hat, skull, jaw, 2 swords, 2 rod skulls) - made from smooth cast 300.

The hat is foam filled and the skull is hollow (open back for easy access to add any electronics. The jaw is cast separately so you will need to create your own hinge system, or glue it in place if you decide to keep it stationary. The rod skulls are made to fit a 1" circumference dowel/curtain rod. models made by maffhewdc

The intention is for this to be life-sized (swords are roughly 25.5' long) and I'll be using one of the Indy Magnoli bandanas on mine (these will not be included with kits, nor will the kuchi beads, but I think you can find them on thingiverse to print if you don't have a set)

Parts will be rough trimmed but you will need to do some sanding/finishing to get them ready for paint.

If there's enough interest I'll turn this into a run, price for the raw kit would be $400 USD + shipping

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I'm a bit surprised that nobody else wants one.

I do make a scaled down version as well if that gets any interest?
I think this is awesome! I don’t have the money for one now but some in the future I would like one! And I feel like people would want them it’s just not getting seen by a lot of people is all, because this is awesome!

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