Pirates of the Caribbean Talking Skull - UPDATED V2


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I've been making a lot of progress the past couple of weeks!

He talks! Sorry it's sideways.

I got the swords built, cleaned up, and painted. Polyprimer is a huge help when cleaning up big, smooth 3D prints. It's a catalyzed primer you use with a spray gun that allows you to build up a thick coat that cures quickly for easy sanding.

And then I started patterning out the hat, which is shaping up to be simpler than I expected.

Also sculpted the little hat skull and crossbones.

Expect more soon. It's moving along now!


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Ahhh, awesome! Makes me picture exactly in the ride when he talks. I've shown your work to my family and they LOVE what you do. Will have to update them with this now.


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Nice! I was thinking of doing something like this years ago to be placed above a doorway/hallway using a Scary Terry kit with motion sensor to trigger it to say one of the lines.

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