Pirates 4 Jack compass is different?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by coreliano, May 15, 2012.

  1. coreliano

    coreliano New Member

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    Can I see in some pics that compass is a little different, propmakers made a different one for this movie, maybe a little smaller and with the center disk without numbers.

  2. Dutchman

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    Everything on that costume is different in that movie. The items they didn't change, are made a new. Like that new looking, shiny dragon ring on his thumb...

    There are replica prop-makers and costumers up here who are more screen accurate than the people who worked on this film.

    I'm sure the size of the compass is still the same though.
  3. robstyle

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    Depp owns the original Dragon ring among others. I cant make it out clearly in that picture but it seems to be missing a certain small part that was damaged during the second films production.
  4. Zlurpo

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    The compass is a re-build. The guy who built the other compasses did not work on the 4th movie. At least that's what the Disney executive I was talking to this weekend told me (really).
  5. coreliano

    coreliano New Member

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    Yes, I supposed its a rebuild compass, the center gold disk looks like smaller and more easy to do because it has not engraving numbers, I'm planning to make a replica with cardboard (pepakura mode) and some parts of styrene.:)

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