Pipboy 2000 build - am i taking on too much?


after seeing the recent Fallout 76 trailer, i find myself inspired to build an actual, functioning Pipboy 2000! i have a host of ideas, but having zero experience with Raspberry Pi, i worry that i may be getting ahead of myself...i was hoping a more experienced builder might be willing to look over my "wish list", and advise me what is possible, and where i may want to throttle back?

  • "On/Off" Switch
    • Like the name implies: a single illuminated toggle button
  • Screen
    • Very slightly curved, NO TOUCH SCREEN CAPABILITIES
    • Previous iterations were 3.25"x2.25"
  • Buttons
    • Three mechanical buttons, toggle between three interfaces
  • Knob
    • Switch between options within single interface (ie, highlight options within a list)
  • Radio
    • Knob actually just alternates/scrolls between several massive mp3 files (files play continuously on repeat, or start/stop only when being used? no starting over, is the point)
    • Scrolling needle indicates "stations"
    • Small speaker
  • Holodisk player
    • Non-functioning, basically this, I only mention because it's a space issue

  • Stat
    • Indicates "character" information: name, skills, scrolls through "perks"
  • Item
    • Scrolls through "inventory", indicates brief description of each "item"
  • Data
    • Scrolls through "Data items", each item is listed in text-form
Anyway. That's my plan. No deadline, which is good because I have no idea what I'm doing. Does this look possible? Any advice where I should start?
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