pipboy 1.0 parts id thread


so i think i want to build one of these things next


im guessing its all Photoshop magic but part of me wants this to be a actual prop somewhere.
anyone recognize any of the parts i can get as found objects?


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The only thing that stands out to me is the half chrome thing on the front facing him.

license light.jpg

Peterson universal automotive license plate light.


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Actually I'm pretty sure that's the Geiger counter meter, the brightness is just really high on the display, but you can make out the details.


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I see at least four different military style connectors. Three in the bottom center of the PipBoy that look like these,


One more just above the automotive light that looks something like this,


This is the ebay search I used to find these. You can use it to refine you search for the correct sizes.



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Hi all, this is my first time posting here, so it might as well be with a contribution!
I saw this prop myself for the first time today, looks amazing. Great to see there's already a thread about it.
Would be a great build!

I've used my paint skills to remove the background to make it a tad simpler to analyze.


After a few hours of staring at this, here's my findings so far.
Some are already listed above.
1. Small crt screen from old test equipment/oscilloscope. Seems quite small if you look at the scale compared to his hand.
2. Touch-tone phone style keypad, the 4x4 matrix seems rare, especially in the two colors like that. yet to find an exact item that matches it.
3. Vacuum tube, possibly an octal based tube, as it looks a tad larger than number 4. Also seems to have a large plate, indicating it might be a rectifier tube.
4. Small common 9 pin vacuum tube, eg. 12AX7.
5. Three different sizes of military style connector.
6. As stated above, looks like an analogue meter mounted sideways.
7. I initially thought these were holes cut in the bracket, but its actually a sticker. Probably yellow and black.
8. Looks like a hammond 1550A enclosure. Topped with one of those toggle switches that has an on/off labelled washer thing. also looks to have an indicator light, probably a nice dialco item.



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I wonder if they took inspiration from the 1967 General Electric "Hardiman" exoskeleton?


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