Pip Boy closure clamps?


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Hey all, trying to get this pip boy into a more wearable form, and I want to actually add on some of the real world clips/clamps that this terrible plastic clip is supposed to replicate. Does anyone know the actual name of this sort of clip? It's almost like a larger version of what what goes on some metal banded wrist watches.

Anyone know what I should search for, or even better know where some of them are available?




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I never found a good name for the clamp style. You won't find a similar one off the shelf. I had to do my own design from scratch.
The closest I have seen are over-draw clamps used for road cases.

My CAD file are locate here: Pip-Boy Unfinished Version - Google Drive
Project log here: The clamp requires a few metal pins to work well. My clamp design is specifically designed for my Pip-boy, so don't expect it to go onto another one without modification.

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