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I'm currently in the process of building my own Pip-Boy, because in the future I intend to do a full NCR Desert Ranger costume, but I don't feel like any Fallout-themed costume would be complete without my very own wristworn computer. Anyway, currently in the process of building it, and instead of just throwing a piece of paper with the interface printed on it, I decided to make it capable of holding a cheap Galaxy 5s clone I purchased a few months back. It's going to have a much more rectangular screen than a typical Pip-Boy, and I feel like the entire prop itself is going to look a little longer than it did in the series.

The build is currently two pieces, a main body which holds the phone, and the faceplate, which I will be securing to the man body with a couple of small hinges. It's all make of layered foam board and craft foam, held together with hot glue. I bought a 3 inch diamete PVC pipe to cut into the length i need to mount it all to my wrist, which I haven't started to work on yet.

I need something to fill in the jagged edges and parts I couldn't sand down, but other than Bondo, which I know is very heavy, and wood putty, I'm not really sure what i need to be using for that. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
I even added a port on the side so the phone can be charged without being removed, I'm planning to modify the USB 3.0 cable to match the rest of the build.
I put a visor over the screen on the faceplate that's a lot more rounded than the original, but it is a wider screen and I feel like it fit a bit better.
Can anybody help me with finding the right filler to go around the edges of this to smooth out what sanding couldn't quite fix? I'm not sure what would work best with foam like this.

EDIT: Scratch that, I found my answer in another forum.
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