Pip-Boy 3000 Mk. IV Stand!

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Hey all, this little project of mine has been going on in the background of my life for about 2-3 weeks now and I think it's in a finished-enough state to show off a bit. I adore the design of the Pip-Boy 3000 Mk IV and I love my bluetooth edition model so I thought it was time it got a lore-accurate, in-universe stand to match its quality design and luxurious aesthetic. I started out by designing a 3D model in AutoDesk 360 based off the one coming out next year at E3 supposedly from the Wand Company.
Their model for the base is actually meant for the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk. 6 I believe, from fallout 76. And while I do enjoy the design, I believed it needed to be altered and made much more robust/aesthetically pleasing to match the design of the 3000 Mk. 4. So I went ahead and did just that!
pipstand2.png stand 3d.png

I did not take any pictures of the base right out of the printer sadly so I apologize for the lack of detail there but I can describe it to you simply as: rough. It needed quite a bit of work filling, sanding, smoothing, and filing. After a while of doing all of that, a tube of bondo, and a lot of repetitive sanding, I ended up with something like this:
IMG_20190111_142510118.jpg IMG_20190111_142500375.jpg IMG_20190115_175635017.jpg
So it was mostly smoothed at this point and I just needed to assemble it and decide on color schemes and detail work to add. I drilled a hole into the arm portion as well as the backing and inserted a metal rod for support all the way through, this was also to prevent sagging or slow deterioration. It was extremely snug and fit well, which was great, except I had to then take it out in order to apply the 2-part epoxy. Doh. My god that rod was a struggle to get out. But alas, it was at least assembled finally (after being left clamped and weighed down for about 72 hours!)
Quick pic of the first coat of primer, some of which was sanded off to reveal more gaps and low spots that needed more attention. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

Again, I am definitely missing some pics in-between steps here so I apologize but here are some final shots of the build as of right now. I wen for a silver metallic base on the stand as it felt right for what Vault-Tec might have issues as a display stand. Of course some cautionary strips are needed for flare and possible radioactivity...
The wires seen are obviously lifted from the Wand Company design almost identically, but hey, I love that part! There is also an additional black USB cable running from the left side of the Pip-Boy which is the actual charging cable that plugs into the wall, but I think it blends quite well. I decided early on that I wanted some kind of flare on this model that would make it a little more lore-accurate. So I went ahead and added some details of my own. The white cables which run the length of the stand end up in a kind of "plasma pool" sealed with a glass dome for user protection. I figured this could be some sort of Vault-Tec-approved plasma-charge technology. (Only a little bit cancer-inducing!)
Part of me wants to include a little radioactive sticker here on the glass but I'm not sure Vault-Tec would have done so, haha. Well, that about does it for me and I hope you have enjoyed the build progress and final product. It turned out pretty great and the quality is to my satisfaction with the print's smoothness and "official" look to it. Some things I still want to do with it:
1. A display case is definitely needed, I'm thinking a glass or acrylic case used for things like football helmets or other props. Something like this:
2. The side view as of right now is quite plain so I want to add some more detail. A Sticker on the face with either the Vault-Tec logo or the vault logo like the ones below maybe. Suggestions for this and other improvements are welcome!

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It works pretty well for the 3000 Mk IV.

I also like that Nuka Cola bottle that isn't one solid resin.

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