Pink Floyd - The Wall - mask - version 2 -finished pics


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That first picture in post #16 is my favorite. Something about that face, and you so perfectly captured that face, hanging on a white tile wall. That is just brilliant and creepy. I think it's the additional warps from the added heat you mentioned.

Are the first and second ones shown painted the same color? The first one you posted looked slightly more "flesh" to me while the second one you posted looks a bit more "pink". No pun intended there!



they are all the same colour. The variation you see is just different light sources I'm using,
You see the same screen used mask online taken at different times and the colour looks completely different.
the spray I use is very close to the high rez propstore pics online.
There are however some variation on screen so there is no one definitive colour.

I don't think I will change it as I'm very happy with it in person.
They are actually very enjoyable to do as its just a free reign as to how much or how little I do.




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looked on evelbay and there was one. not that much money. but It had eighty something watcher's.

Yeah that's a paper cut out mask, I think they were handed out at concerts a few years back.
They don't go for much, interesting it has so many watchers though.


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Thanks for the info, Zorg.

Looking back, I see on the tiles how much difference the light makes on the mask. I didn't realize in your earlier post the same tiles because they have a yellow tint. Something about that bright, white ones just creep me out. Brilliant!



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i was thinking about putting the feelers out on the floyd forums.

i did have one guy who wanted more than one for a show in london but they were not ready in time.

not really bothered as long as i have one or more for myself

Can I buy one of these? I’m a massive Floyd fan and have been looking for a decent mask for years. I’ve even tried doing my own with paper mache James

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