Pinata Chewbacca


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This was my build last year. Pinata Chewbacca.

Its 90% paper.
The head was a gutted chewy mask from Target, yes the one that makes chewy noises when you open your mouth. I had to gut it, rewire it to include an on/off switch and re-fabricate it to fit an adult head, which it did not.

From there its all paper.
Paper body, paper c3po,(except for his face, which is a $5 plastic mask) waxed coated paper for wiring, recycled paper mesh bag to hold 3po paper shoulder bag and bandolier (aside for clips), and completely paper bowcaster.

In hindsight i should have darkened out my eyes. I opted to go for an adult size Chewy as opposed to a tall Chewy on stilts mainly because stilts would be a burden everywhere I went, pus its Pinata Chewbacca, Pinatas are whatever size you make them HA!, that was my alibi anyway.

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