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For this is my first post (besides the introduction) I'd first of all like to thank all the members of this board for providing such an amazing wealth of fabulous works, ideas, tutorials and other help!

It is absolutely not my intention to hurt religious feelings or offend 'markpoon' or his work with this thread!

I used the bad weather conditions in our area to push some sleeping projects.
One of them was my 'markpoon' Cross of Coronado. I like this cross very much for it is a real beautiful prop - all metal, "gold"-plated and nice detail.
But to my personal taste I never was too fond of the inlay and the paintjob.

So I started to work!

First of all, tear everything apart and remove the paint with lots of acetone.

Cut a new inlay from ABS-sheets & start with the new paintjob

Testfit of the inlay and further painting - the already existing details become visible now!

A final layer of clear coat for the inlay to make it look cleaner. Then put everything back together. Finish it with some minor weathering!

After seeing some real great crosses on this board and the COW I thought I might improve the chain as well. So I removed the old brass wire and replaced it with a new braided one. Finally it's done!
now back to the museum
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