Pilerud's cosplay's Blood Angels Space Marine build


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I'm not so active on the forum, but I want to share the experiences from my build in whatever help it can be to fellow builders. My downloadable file is continuously updated for every major modification I make. Read and watch EVERYTHING in it thoroughly before asking questions, please. And remember, I am no expert and can't answer everything, this is my first pepakura+foam build. With that said, I wish everyone the best of luck, and hope this helps and inspires to make more power armors around the world!


I scratchbuilt this Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels Space Marines Sternguard Veteran, 1st company, 5th squad, costume as a fan.
It was first shown at The Scandinavian Sci-fi, Game & Film Convention 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. (It has since then been improved.)

Playlist with videos of the armor

Facebook page:

Suggestions and templates/blueprints:
Download the "simplified for foam" pepakura files, originally found on this forum, Hundreds of pictures from the build. And some of my own blueprints made for modifications and details. For example the backpack was significantly redesigned to look more like the miniatures. Not a complete tutorial, but alot of help in construction. All the things I figured out for myself, I give to the public to use. I update this file from time to time, so downloading it again at a later time gives you more pictures, information, and so on.

* Download pepakura templates and pictures from my build here. And many general building suggestions.
(Updated 2015-02-08. Almost 2 GB, so be patient if download takes a while. And if it fails, just try again.)

* You can also download only the PDF (that is included in the full download above) with the general building suggestions.

No comissions. I only create for myself as a hobby.

About 450 hours in the making.

Weight: The current weight is 26 kg.

Height: About 210 cm/7' (I am about 183 cm/6' without armor). (To be able to move around easier and be able to use my own hands, the size is a compromise between proper SM size and a normal human.)

Method: Pepakura (foam+hot glue) and some modifications to make it look more like the miniatures. And some aliminum rods, and screws and electronics. I used 935 as scale on the pepakura files. (Some exceptions. See the pepakura files in that folder for details.)

Cost of materials: At the present about 3000€. (And then I have tried to make it cheap.) The cost of the foam is only about 400€. The rest is all the other small things you need. (See separate document for more details.)

Getting dressed takes about 15 minutes, and requires a servitor and a short ladder/chair. First I put on the waist+thighs piece like pants with a belt and shoulder straps inside. Then step up on a short ladder and steps inside the shins and feet. The servitor puts in the pins so the knees connect. The top chest goes over the head like a sweater. The arms are attached to the sholders, and are connected on the pins at the side of the chest. Gloves on, and the servitor puts the helmet on. I can't reach the helmet myself. Off to fight xenos! (AKA "Pose for Pictures".)

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