Pick one, and only one: Scariest movie


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I know we have had threads about posting up your favorite scary (Halloween) movies, but let's cut to the chase.
Pick ONE. Not two, not three and no "also there's..."
Just one.
Also, post why you think it's THE scariest.
My wife's family get together once a week every October to watch a scary movie and this weekend is MY pick and I want to scare the bejebus out of everyone.
So...whatch'a got?
My vote is the granddaddy of them all: The Exorcist. If I get a wild hair to watch it, I have do to so early in the day so I can actually have a chance in hell of actually sleeping that night... and don't even get me started on the director's cut! :eek
I have to go with the Exorcist aswell. For some strange reason I get the urge to watch it from time to time and end up not being able to sleep for a few nights.
The Descent. Because apparently, I'm claustrophobic :lol. It's the only movie that has actually, viscerally frightened me as an adult. If you're not claustrophibic though, it won't faze you.
Man, you got me pinned in between ALIEN and Jaws.
Hmm... I'll go with ALIEN. The lighting, character design, music, and effects of that film was amazing.
I would say The Exorcist if I hadn't watched Salem's Lot as a kid. My bedroom was setup just like the Danny Glick's in the movie, so needless to say I was traumatized always looking out for the fog outside my window!
Honestly, I don't find that movies really SCARE me, per se. They simulate fear via anticipation (usually by building tension through use of sound/music), but they don't truly SCARE me as in having me fear for myself or creep me out and stay with me afterwards where I say to myself "Maybe I'll sleep with the lights on tonight..."

The Exorcist doesn't scare me either, actually. I think partially that's because it was SO built up for me before I saw it, and because I'd seen clips here and there that I just wasn't surprised by anything when it happened in the film.

I guess the last film that really truly creeped me out was the American version of The Ring. Ringu just made me laugh, as did The Ring 2 (OMG those CGI deer were HYSTERICAL), but the first Ring? I unplugged the computer monitor that I have in my bedroom after that one. It honestly gave me the heebie-jeebies for a day.

It's REALLY rare that I find movies like that, though.
It's Nosferatu for me. Although I don't find it scary anymore, I remember watching it for the first time when I was a kid. Still remember how scared I was when I saw it!
So my wife was terrified of the first Paranormal Activity. I didn't find it too scary, but I really don't find anything truly scary. I will say her jumping off the couch everytime started to get to me though. I did enjoy how the movie was set up so that you knew something was coming and it built up nicely. The sequel not so much.

As I'm writing this I feel like I'm about to be blasted.

I think to find a movie that really scares a person, you need to know the person. Blood, gore, paranoia, insanity, jump out scares, trapped-ness. There's a movie for all types really.
I'll go with Paranormal Activity as well. I rarely find movies that truly scare me, but that one did it. Even now, over a year later, I can't think about it near bedtime or i won't get any sleep.
I guess a lot of what you consider scary has to do with when you saw it. For me it was JAWS. I was about 10 years old. I had just gone fishing with my Dad that morning and even swam around the boat. Thinking about what could've happened made it even scarier. Plus my Mom was holding her hands over my face through much of it.

Anyway, that was the movie that scared ME the most in my life. That summer I was scared to even take a bath!! There were sharks under my bed, in my closet, even mudholes were dangerous!!! Swimming pools? Forget about it!! Going fishing again? Completely OUT OF THE QUESTION.

And the weird thing was--I wasn't alone. Everyone I knew who saw it was the same way.
Yep, The Exorcist.

Personally, I find movies that center around the supernatural more scary than movies about killers, bogeymen, etc. The Exorcist had me scared to death, and since it center around demonic possession, it opens the door to thoughts of could it happen to you personally. That, and any time you hear something go "bump" for days/weeks later it'll make you jump.
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If the movie is anything like as scary as the West End play was (saw it at 16 and was upset for 2 weeks afterwards!) I reckon the new movie of the Women in Black might do it for me.
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