photoshop help!


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One way to do that would be to choose a dpi (dots per inch) setting and use that for your measurements. For example, I had to draw up some 2D blueprints for something I wanted done on a CNC lathe. I set the dpi at 1000 so that I could draw the blueprints in Photoshop at an accuracy of 1/1000". Printers recognize the dpi of an image file and will print the pic to the proper scale. Even if you choose a lower dpi, Photoshop has "inches" as an option when resizing so what you're asking is super simple and if you have GIMP (which is free) or Photoshop, you should be able to do this yourself.

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Just scale your image so it's 9.75 inches wide. Or print this out at actual size (it's an 11 x 17 inch sheet).


  • Movie-allspark-cube.pdf
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i dont have that size of paper and ive tried scaling many times but cant get it right. it would need to be on 2 sheets to be big enough and to fit on letter paper 8.5x11
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