Photos of my MPP MOD Issue Microflash


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Hello from dunk in Cambridgeshire UK, I'm a new member and this is my second post ... Thought you might enjoy viewing some pix of my original MPP Microflash SN 279 ... it's a UK MOD (Ministry of Defence) Air Ministry issue used by the Royal Air Force. I'm a Leica camera collector / enthusiast ... all pics taken with a simple Leica X Vario APS-C compact zoom camera ... the close-up photos utilised a supplementary achromatic Leitz Elpro close-up lens ... Subject illumination via a translucent Lastolite CUBELITE 60cm x 60cm x 60cm utilising daylight window light and a couple of reflectors ... No immediate plans to convert the Microflash to a Light Saber but I'm looking for an EXACTRA 19 /20 calculator which might tempt me to follow through ... If I do decide to 'convert' it will have to be a reversible conversion ... MPP Microflash guns are too scarce nowadays. It's not for sale ... I also have two MPP 5x4 cameras owned for many years. In the mid-1980s I bought a copy of UK published 'Professional Photography' magazine featuring servicing / repair of MPP cameras and accessories. The proprietor of MPP was at that time working from home in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey using his garage as a repair workshop. At that time actual manufacture of new MPP cameras had ceased after c.30 years production ... but there was still a demand for spare parts and servicing ... parts were machined in the garage and also recycled from older cameras. I am trying to find a copy of the magazine ... it will likely surface one day but I have no idea which issue it was. The article might mention MPP Microflash units. Hope you enjoy the pix :) ... Best wishes from dunk in Cambs. UK
1 MPP-MICROFLASH_4501-whole-rslf.jpg
2 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4684.jpg
3 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4686.jpg
3.1  Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4688.jpg
4 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4689.jpg
5 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4693.jpg
6 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4695.jpg
7 Rev-Rev-MPP-pix_4696.jpg
8 Revised-MPP-pix_4669.jpg
10 MPP-MICROFLASH_clamp-parts-wedge-shaped-4522.jpg
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