Photo etched detail sets ?


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Ok, I'm working on a project and VERY soon I will
be at the detailing phase. I know hobby stores that
stock trains and REALLY good hobby stores that stock
aircraft and armor sell those wonderful photo etched
detail sets for MANY different kits. BIG problem is no
where in my area are there any GOOD hobby shops. :cry

What I am looking for is if there is a place online
that has IMAGES of the ACTUAL detail sets they sell ??

I know it's probably a long shot, since if your looking for
a detail set you already KNOW what your getting. BUT, since
my purpose is to use the various shapes for scratch building
I need to acutually SEE what I get .... :confused

Anyone know of a nice photo rich online store ??

Thanks for any help guys . :D


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Gone but not forgotten.
WOW.... :thumbsup

One VERY nice and detailed site...

Thanks for the link, it will take me several
HOURS of browsing looking over those
pic's.... :lol