Phoenix Fan Fusion, June 2-4, 2023


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Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023 Adventure Experience… We Named the Dog Indiana!

Thousands of animal shelters throughout the nation under various humane societies struggle to keep up donations and continue their outstanding work to provide food and shelter to countless deserving animals and find homes to millions of pets. I think we can help…

We have gathered together an extensive collection of original Indiana Jones movie props, costumes, reproductions and artwork from the franchise to display for guests at the 2023 Phoenix Fan Fusion, in an effort to raise money for the animal shelters and rescue organizations.

In cooperation with the 501st Dune Sea Garrison and the promoters and sponsors of Phoenix Fan Fusion; we have put together our first version of the Phoenix Fan Fusion Adventure Experience… We Named the Dog Indiana! An interactive experience that allows guests to enjoy the story telling of George Lucas and the magic of our most beloved adventurer while providing insight into the struggles of animal homelessness.

If our efforts are successful, we have the ability to take our experience on the road and seek out new sponsors, new contributors and new venues throughout the US to raise money and awareness and to give the less fortunate pets a better life and spread a little happiness to generations of fans.

This experience is completely non-profit and takes or handles no money! All donations will be handled by the local rescue sponsors through donation apps or their respective websites.

Feel free to reach out to discuss ideas, opportunities and to volunteer at my email:

NOTE: We are in contact with and friends of Lucasfilm Ltd, but we are not associated with or sponsored by Disney or Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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