Phantasm Spheres


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Hey, all!

I planned to build my own sentinel sphere for the longest time, but I've finally decided to break down and purchase one. I've been looking around for makers, and I was just wondering about the differences in the various replicas out there! I'd be very interested to hear people's opinions on things like accuracy, polish, weight, blade edges...

I've been able to divine four makers, all of whom have exceptional reputations and, from what I've seen, do beautiful work. They are:

Mike Baker of BAKERprops

Mark, aka Rayne00

Randy, aka Phanattic


The RPF's very own Rylo of Palmetto EFX (Hi, Rylo!)

So... general discussion of sphere replicas! Anybody? :)
Well, the only one I've seen is Rylo's, but I don't personally own one.

Awhile back Pier 1 was selling metal spheres that were about the right size but that's been years ago, and you'd have to make your own blades to go with it obviously.
Do a search if nothing else shows up.

I seem to remember a thread with all the different runs on it
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