Want to Buy Phantasm Sphere


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Hello all! I'm looking for a metal Phantasm sphere to buy. I hadn't had any luck online and thought I'd see if any members offer them currently. Looking to get one that's solid metal and for a reasonable price. Please pm me if you have anything!



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Hi Pat,

I picked up some 4" hollow spheres from Pier1 a few years ago to build a Phantasm sphere. They were intended to be lawn ornaments.
Tthere is a small threaded screw on the bottom that can be pounded out easily.

The picture shows the one I have next to a solid Phsntasm sphere to show size difference as the solid one is 3".

Stand-alone, I think it actually looks better as a 4" sphere versus the 3" sphere.

It is not solid, but if you still want to build one with the one I have, you can have it for free if you pay for shipping and are in the U.S.

Here is the picture.