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I am going to be putting together a Peter costume for Halloween
this year. I have already tracked downt the shirt worn in the final
battle. I am gonna go with generic jeans and belt. Just need to track
down the epic coat that he is wearing. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is a link to the shirt called "Bravery misplaced" appropriate I think.
Dragon Shirt

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It's not Matt Smith hair, parted way too center.

OK, I've got to say that is an AWESOME costume. I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet, but I'll be going next week and can't wait.
It's kind of odd, looks like a biker jacket down to the waist, but then it keeps going. Never seen anything like it.
Rotton Tomatos is giving it 75 % positive reviews. The original movie is my all time favorite Vampire movie - I've seen the re-make twice now. It does work extremely well, lots of nods to the original, but takes things in new & creative directions. Has the typical hollywood splattering of F bombs that weren't really needed. KNB did the make-up, also using elements of the original film for their designs / effects. Overall, good movie.
It's diegetic, isn't it? I haven't seen the remake yet, but if the story's pretty much the same this time around,
he's a fake vampire hunter, so his weapons would be whatever the prop department handed him.

Premise is the same, story is very different - nods to the original, but very different & unique in it's own way. Also the original Peter Vincent was not a 'fake' hunter, he was an Actor whose charatcer was known for killing vampires - Charlie just hoped with child-like innocence & desperation that Peter might be able to help him...
See that is it. He is well versed about Vampires and collected authentic items to slay them. I think this poster is great and all but that darn shotgun. lol

Take the scene when Amy shoots jerry with the revolver on display at Vincent's. It is real but loaded with silver
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The remake was pretty good. Tennant definitely stole every scene he was in. And some of the stuff in his collection would look pretty awesome in a prop collection.
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