Done / Completed Peter Pan Sword From Steven Spielberg's - RUN CLOSED


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I'm sure all of you remember the scene when Banning proved to the lost boys that he truly was PeterPan in his childhood, Rufio relinquished the gold pan sword to Peter. This prop took me o lot of time of work with an accurate reserch of materials to make it. The blade is handmade of solid brass, shined ti appear gold like and then protected with a layer of clear coat. The handle has been sculpted by me and then casted in solid resin. As you can see, it is painted and weathered to resemble a coconut. The handle is striped with leathrette, this is a great collector piece and a must to have for Hook's fans
The sword measures 69 cm in length
The price is € 179 + shipping
Production time 2 months

If you are interested to put yourself on the list write in this thread or send me a pm!


1. Jonesspe
2. Jack
3. Bpalaganas
4. Starwoid
5. Rook
7. Killercrack
8. Thanostz
9. Nintendstroid
10. Graceolomew
11. shuttergram22
12. TrxppieHxppie

I am interested and how do I place an order?

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