Peter Cushing in a Dr who movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Wes R, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Wes R

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    I just stumbled across it on TCM, luckily in time to tape it for my dad. I never even heard of this one. It's Dalek Invation 2150 or something close to that.
  2. BAK55

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    Heh! It's playing right now on my television as I'm typing this. How cool is that?
  3. Clerval

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    That's the second of his turns as the Doctor. Quite a different character in the films. Glad people are finding them. :)
  4. Wes R

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    He's definitely a different type of doctor, not as quirky, the effects were good and it was neat to see one of his family alive. I think she's now part of the show continuity too from what i've read.
  5. familyman

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    You can get a two disc DVD combo region 1 aswell. Actualy it is a 3 disc combo with the two movies and then a dalekmania dvd. My wife got it for me a few years back. Tey evilbay.
  6. Bootlegger137

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    Been awhile since I've seen the Cushing movies, but IIRC, the continuity is screwy from the jump. In them, the Doctor isn't a Time Lord from Gallifrey, he's a human who invents the Tardis.

    A fun tidbit...Bernard Cribbins is in the "Invasion" movie, before he starred with John Barrowman in the West End, and then went on to become Wilfred Mott in the new version of Doctor Who.

    Dr. Who and the Daleks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'_Invasion_Earth:_2150_A.D.
  7. Organic Mechanic

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    That isn't entirely true.

    The two Dr. Who films made in the 60's were complete re-imaginings of early William Hartnell (1st Doctor) serials. In the films, the character of 'Dr. Who' is a human scientist who invents a time machine (that just so happens to look like a Police Box). Both adventures featured his granddaughter Susan, just like in the original TV program, but for these films the TV companions Barbara and Ian were made into Dr. Who's OTHER granddaughter and her boyfriend.

    Nothing in those films has become cannon to the television series as everything in them is rehashed and/or bastardized from the series. They are very enjoyable productions though, and I highly recommend them. Especially if you like the idea of Gran Moff Tarkin playing the Doctor. ;)
  8. Wes R

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    With the makeup he looked like John Pertwee to me for some reason.

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