Pertwee Fanclub Ltd Edition TARDIS Key


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I have read that way back in the 1970's, members of the Jon Pertwee fan club could purchase copies of his TARDIS Key. These were replicas taken from a mold of his original prop. Does anyone out there have one & willing to post some pictures?

I have also learnt that he sold his original & kept a copy of it (the same as the copies issued to the fan club members) which he wore for conventions later on.

Hope you can help?



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I think supercollector Andrew Beech is currently in possesion of that one. Mind you I'm going on a couple of mildly besotted memories of a discussion and a viewing of a key that fits that description with him in a bar in LA at the Gallifreyone convention back in '05 so I may be off. I don't have any contact info for him that's current but I'm sure you can google up some data in that direction.