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Don't you like how they clone cell's and pagers in a snap? Just while the marks back is turned for a split second? :)

I love the "Force Pair"! I want to use that to force my mouse to work with my laptop PC.

Impressive they can "Force Pair" just by touching phones and that means that they can listen to phone calls from miles away (and listen through the phone with out a call in progress!!!). Go Movie Tech!!!

Who else gets questions from family about "Wow, that machine it TOTALLY realistic!"


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Improvements this show:
1) Reese actually got shot and didn't save the kid - sure it seemed impossible he could have gotten there that quickly and it was a plot contrived failure, but still, it showed he isn't bulletproof and can lose
2) Reese seemed to have more emotion and taking the case personally, that may have been bringing a kid into it, but whatever, it made his character more likable

Other things I liked:
- building on the friendship between Finch and Reese
- the whole police woman/bad cop insider/Reese dynamic is really fascinating. I get flashes of a real life batman type character who is a superhero doing the right thing outside of the law - but runs the danger of only having himself to be accountable to so if he messes up or goes too far he has to deal with that guilt. The bad cop insider seems to want to do help, like a side kick. And the police woman is going to have to search herself to weigh stopping him.

What I want more of:
- Finch
- Finch
- Finch...


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Yeah, I thought it was a good episode. I especially enjoyed the scenes in the diner. Reese struggled a lot in this episode, even the hand to hand combat. It almost feels like they are building a group or team of individuals that will all eventually work with them to help these people.


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Finally caught up on last week's episode.
I hope this show never ends. (WOO HOO, for a full season pickup!)

Guri, I agree, the blossoming of their relationship is being handled very well. The subtle set-up and payoff of the diner scene bookends was inspired. Really sensitively done.

The show has found a really great balance of episodic and ongoing storytelling that just feels RIGHT. I don't think I've ever liked a procedural this much. Each ep gives him something to go up against that helps to define our understanding of the character. In that way, he can be the same each episode -- allowing for a procedural setup with some consistency -- but each of these cases build and enhances our understanding of that man. Great, great stuff.


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I like that they are setting the show up for a lot of reoccurring roles and inter-weaving story lines. I don't really have the energy to dig into it and figure anything out, though.

Heck with the Gieco guy, anyone else jazzed to see Mathesar on the show!!

As for the end, I totally didn't see that coming. Thought for sure it would be the scar faced cop. The way he was with the student was just too sincere - no suspicions at all. I hope they make him into someone who really does want to clean up the neighborhood (whatever it takes) and really does care about the kids and that part wasn't an act.

Drinking game with this show is every time someone gets shot in the leg. It makes me laugh now.


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What a fantastic episode! Didn't see that ending either! Very 'the Usual Suspects'...
Cannot wait to see where this is going...


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I only watched the first 5-10 minutes. When it got to the "I'm Mr. Tough guy with needles who will torture you" vs. "I'm Mr. Tough guy who once withstood electricity torture for 16 hours when they just wanted my name" I decided I'd rather watch my DVR'd survivor.

It just seems they are trying too hard to write over the top characters. Maybe it got better, but after what I saw, I'm not looking forward to that episode at all.

I'll watch it eventually, but it'll be when there's nothing else going on...

(Ps. you'd think I'd be into it because of Widmore, but ever since Alan Dale said in an interview that they were 'dead the whole time' I have not been a fan of his. I mean, come on - watch the show you're in, please.)


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Oh yeah? I must have popped in later than I thought - I really wasn't looking at the clock.