Pepsi is making Pepsi Perfect? BTTF


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I saw this article on IGN a couple of days ago. I just did a hashtag seach for #pepsiperfect and found this.

Not exactly screen accurate, but interesting...



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So when they say "limited" is that just a time run or product number run? I hope to get two of these, one I'll never open.


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I hope this would be available worldwide, not just US.
If it's USA only, does somebody very nice could take one or 2 for me?

I had not even considered they would do a NIKE and make it US only. Now I want a 6 pack :p


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NO! That is not something. Nike passed on "The Winter Solder" with the Black and Gray runners and immediately changed the design and now they are forgetting BTTF.... I'd love to have a pair of Doc's shoes.
I had a pair of brown leather skateboard shoes that were close and I wore them until I feet came out the bottom.

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