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Salutations Pepsters!

While being a long time member my activities have mostly been as that of a lurker. There are many projects that I would like to accomplish but due to time and resource constraints little ever gets done. RL is as RL is. A few weeks ago while wandering through posts after a long absence I stumbled across a large number of pepakura builds mostly dedicated to IM, which was awesome since he is my favorite super. After a short time of reading the various posts I decided that pepakura would be the path to take until the rest of my resources catch up.

I downloaded various applications an pep files and started to bash together some IM helms and slap things together to get a feel for the craft.

While my goal is to create my own IM suit there are a few things I would like to do first to prepare for that task. some of the skills that I want to enhance revolve around turning a 3d model into a pepakura file. At this time I'm not sure as too how much information to share but as I continue along all of the information will be made available.

Someone was very kind to provide me a 3d model the other day of something that I think would be very cool to work on for multiple reasons. The largest is that it is something that would fit my body type with little need to modify mt self by vigorous diet and exercise.

Being an old fashioned geek at heart once the model was provided I had to figure out what to do with it. off to the nether to learn something, or not. through various efforts I finally stumbled upon something that works for me. I'm pretty darn sure there are easier ways to do it but none of them seemed to work for me. Plus the method I am using to do this is not that hard either but there are some things I really want to learn to make it even better.

I loaded the model into my application and started to fiddle with things until I started to get some of the results I wanted. trial and errors plus aha moments aside I was able to eventually put together a pepakura file and unfold it to what I think is a good first attempt.

Did I mention everything about working with 3d models and trying to unfold files is totally new? Well, it is. So I am here to present my first attempt to get some feedback on what you can observe. I'm not ready to release anything yet but will do so later down the road as I get more comfortable with the work and less critical of my work.

The below is just one item of two and was not fully completed. I decided not to finish off the last few remaining items until after I get a chance to work on things a bit more.

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present the Jericho! No, but I really do need odd IM references. :)

- Insert imgs here -







Please let me know what you think and any comments or questions.



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Looks good, but what I really want to comment on is the awesomeness that is the title of this thread. Genius.
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