Pepper Potts Rescue Suit (complete )

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In June of this year I completed my first Pepper Potts Rescue to go with my best friends Ironman suits. I completed my original suit in a two weeks, at the end of it, i wasn't as happy as i wanted to be. So last Saturday my best friend asked me to wear Pepper again for a con yesterday. I decided to remake a new suit in ONE week. Which I did..barely in time ! ( i smelled like paint for the first hour of the con but its all good ! )

Calling it the Pepper Mark II, my new suit weighs about 60-65 pounds, a lot heavier than her previous suit which weighed in at about 20-25 in total.
It takes 3 people to suit me and takes about 40 minutes to do so.

Unfortunately, I couldnt get the servos to work properly in her helmet before the con ( Helmets arent a 24 hour project but i tried ) so i had to leave it behind. I'll get back to it this week after some rest.

If you have any questions on the build, just ask.

prepare for picture spam.

Heartbreaker, is worn by my best friend.
My reactor and hand repulsors are both done by him.






( Last two photos are larger than the others so you'll have to click them to see it fully ! )


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I too love the battle damage, everything ive got has that lived in beaten up look. And yes that includes my face beforecsomeone else says it. Weighing in at that much I assume its not just foam and paint. Ive not seen your first suit yet so am wondering what your build process was and what materials you used?

Very impressive for a weeks build.


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I figured as a rescue suit it would be much nicer battle damaged ! I'm glad you agree so as well !!

My first suit was foam and plastidip, the files for pepper were actually found on this site ( so thank you thank you !!!)

I found the suit to be generally light and somewhat comfy ( no armour is !) But I didn't like the seams I saw. It was probably the rush of needing it in two weeks and not doing as good as I could have.

My second suit same files, the back had to be modified for some reason it didn't fit over the abs without scaling the file up and having these massive unporpotioned ...boobs I altered the back and placed the cannons on there. There wasn't really much of an option there.

I used black Worbla this time and covered the entire suit. So it's definitely not as comfy or light weight. My top chest weighs in at almost 20 pounds from the reactor and battery packs etc all hiding up in there.

The Worbla is sealed with about 14 layers of gesso another reason the suits weight went up. It was definitely a lot harder to get in and out of as the foam no longer had that give to move and stretch. Alot of my pieces don't have "openings" as my body piece just slides in. So having the Worbla made it harder to get in and out.

While it does have its disadvantages; being super uncomfortable, decently heavy and no longer "movable " it does have its advantages as well. All the seams I had encountered before didn't show up under the Worbla I had a nicer and smoother finish on the armour ( besides all the battle damage ) and the suit had some serious durability. ( I accidentally busted off someone else's costume when they knocked into me)

I don't like having to repair my suits constantly. It's a hassle and I understand repairs are always needed but with my Worbla suits I find it a lot lower than just foam.

I used about 3 jumbo sheets of Worbla. So about 300 in just Worbla it is definitely expensive. But I'd say this is still the "cheapest" suit I own.

My helmet unfortunately is made from foam too but when trying to cover it in Worbla the helmet would get wonky and no longer work with the servos. I made 4 pepper Potts helmets in total trying to get the servos to work. Right now it's currently foam covered with epilson (sp?) From smooth on. I needed something to harden the helmet but retain the shape I needed. Unfortunately the servos in the helmet were too heavy and pulling down the center piece so my face plate doesn't want to lift up properly. We also figured it could run off one working arm but it pulls awkwardly to one side so it will definitely need two. I'll be getting back to it this week as its just bothering me in the back of my mind lmfao

I truly appreciate that you like it !! Means a lot so thank you !!

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Really nice work! I love that photo from the parking garage. It looks like you are heading off to give someone a serious beat down.
Any in-progress pics of the building process?


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It is definitely my favourite picture too ! !! Unfortunately I only have a few as it was a really fast build this time.



The shoes are actually foam shoes...I added a rubber sole to the bottom so it held up better against the floor




Don't mind my silly face and extremely messy work room. Pepakura just really messes up my room hahaha


Also don't mind the harp/ lyre as I was making that for another costume.

Also don't pay attention to the barge as I didn't actually use that for the build. I used a combination of hot glue and superglue since I was impatient

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