Pepper Potts Rescue Armor finally completed... for now...

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by stone316, May 10, 2015.

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    After a last minute stretch until 3am the night before the Con, I finally finished a Pepper Potts Rescue armor suit for my daughter. For now anyways.. I'm going to take a break but there are some changes i'd like to make. Thankfully the next con isn't until Sept in Toronto. I have to match paint on the arc reactor (or make a new one, not sure yet), build gloves and boot covers. I ran out of time for this con.Here is a picture taken by Mercenary Photography.. Let me know what you think

    *Edit - Forgot to credit jfcustom for his foam templates. Without them I wouldn't have been able to do this suit.
    * Just noticed this is a marvel forum, if I should move it there let me know.. I haven't posted much here before.
    * Also need to thank laellee (a member here) who sent me some modified files for the biceps that made my life easier!

    . Brooklyn_PepperPotts1.jpg
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  2. OneGoodScare

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    Very cool! Has a real nice comic book-y look to it
  3. Vitriol

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    Very nice.. Good work..
  4. stone316

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    Thanks.. In some ways it turned out too good.. my son now wants a war machine for Fan Expo in Toronto this Sept.
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    Brother you should have KNOWN that was coming! :lol

    Looks great!!


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