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Unfolding: To take a 3D Model and Create a Pepakura File from the 3D Model.
Pepping: To Build a Pepakura Model that has been unfolded.
Just to make that clear.
I have decided to start a contest for the other pepakura unfolders of the RPF, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for the unfolders. 1st Prize will be a 1 Year Premium Membership, 2nd Prize will be a 6 Month Membership, 3rd Prize will be a 1 Month Membership.
The 3D Model in question that will be picked to be unfolded will be the Mortal Kombat 9 Cyber Sub-Zero Helmet. When you finish your unfold send the .PDO file to . Do not post a screenshot of your unfold, or the link to the unfold here. You may state that you have finished it and sent it off for judging but that's it. I will judge each file and pick the winners on November the 18th. This will basically be a contest to see who can unfold the best file.
If you do not have a license for Pepakura Designer to save your work and send it in, unfold the file and take a screenshot of the finished file showing both the 3D and 2D Windows) in Pepakura Designer and send either a .JPEG, .PNG or .BMP file to my E-Mail address.
Here is the .PDO File to get you started, this will open with Pepakura Designer. Good Luck.
Cyber Sub-Zero Helmet.pdo

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Pep...fantastic idea, and very generous of you. :thumbsup

I'll be watching this thread to see the winners, but I won't be entering because...

I'm not a pepper, you're a pepper, and I'm sure others would like to be peppers too. ;)
Ha I'm already there. I actually unfolded this a few weeks ago, it took me a good 6 hours of planning and unfolding to look good. This is just a contest to see how well others can do it.
I'm done, well almost.

I've just done one side of the helmet, now I just need to mirror that on the other side and sort the flaps out.
What scale should I set?.

I'm not taking part in the comp, you can pass the prize on when, erm... if I win.:)
I just thought I'd give it ago for fun as I haven't unfolded for a long while, there are a couple of head scratchers in there but I worked them out in the end.
Split lines? You mean open edges? On one side I put open edges there so if a person wanted to they could remove that as a panel and show electronics.
Yeah those :D

Wasnt sure if they were intentional or not, for eg; In the back of the head some parts of the model are overlapping through the mesh, and the back head plates have a open edge on the inside which I dont think is meant to be open.

Do the rules state this must be unfolded the way this model is, or are we allow to retopologise (to the same spec - no lowering of mesh quality) to improve the edge loops?
Is there an official scale? That will affect the parts layout.

I just guestimated 26cm since that's about standard for 5'9 male mask.
275-290mm High would be a good option. But feel free to go with what seems best. If you use Pepakura Designer 3 it gives you the option to export the file as a OBJ. You may use that option to do work on the 3D Model if you chose but no removing detail.
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Man, I got it unfolded and tabs sorted but I just hate arranging the parts.

I'm assuming we get graded on neatness too? :darnkids
OMG, I completely forgot about this. I need to get in touch with Art to get the Prizes done,
the 3rd person did'nt want a prize. So for the winners 1st, and 2nd. Rebo get's 1st with a 1 year Premium and Sigma-LS get's a 6 month subscription on me. I'll get in touch with Art tonight to get it taken care of.
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