pepakura stargate files


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This is awesome! I can't believe I missed it! Does anyone know if a Serpent helmet file exists?

He has the snakehead pep also, when you "open in new window" any of the ones listed, there's a folder link down below, called "My 4Share" . They all look great.


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With the new Cobra head helmet, is it just me when I open it in PepDesigner it looks like a lot of faces are disjointed with a pretty good space?


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the scale should be fine as movieman scaled them.
but if you are unsure you could just make the neck part 1st.
let me know how it goes.


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more files every one.

as before a big thank you goes to the lads.

unfolded by movieman.
3d model ripped and clean by nintendude



gou'old neck coller.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download
Zat.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download


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Those look great! I've finished pepping and glassing the horus helmet and was thinking just today how I was going to do the neck part :lol Thanks!


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Yeah I've got that one ready to build soon. I'm working on getting the costume part done before I worry about accessories. I know a jaffa isn't anything without his staff, but I tend to get sidetracked easily and need to force myself to finish the costume first :lol

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