Pepakura Silhouette Cameo Issue: Please Help Edition!!!


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Since this could end up being a somewhat lengthy post I decided I'd better just make a thread of my own.

I'm pretty new to this whole Silhouette cutter for pepakura stuff, so this might end up being a stupid problem, but I'm at a loss.

I've been battling my Silhouette for the past two days trying to get it to work right. At first everything was going fine. The sketch pens worked great for my mountain and valley folds, but then I came to sketch the edge lines and everything went crazy. The pen will sketch a segment and then return to the registration mark with the pen down, so it is sketching lines all across the paper. I haven't tried to run the cut yet, because I'm certain it will just hack the whole thing apart.

I have been using the bitmap and vectors overlay method to get my prints. This is the exact method I've used. I've followed it from start to finish.

And I took a short video of what it it is doing.

And here are screenshots of my settings.

Cut Settings 1.pngCut Settings 2.pngCut Settings 3.pngReg Marks.pngSettings 1.png

Please help me. I've searched it on google but haven't found any sort of resolution, and I'm about at wits end.

Thanks in advance,
Joshua C.
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I had. I actually left a comment in there. And I have the latest version of the software, which was apparently supposed to fix this issue.

Though I've now heard that it is still quite common in the V3 software, and Silhouette isn't in any rush to fix it anymore.
Man, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can find a solution!
Hey josh,

you should be able to us tamasofts software directly with your computer. There will be registry points as well for you to setup. I have a silhouette cameo and this is how I use mine.

This is what I meant.


ps Minnnesota is the best.
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