Pepakura Proton Pack Help Needed Please!

Hi all,

Please skip to the very bottom if you'd just prefer to just read my question :)

I'm still an amature at prop making and tried my hand at a wooden Ghostbusters Trap which came out 89% accurate I think....well good enough for me anyway.

I've tried Pep files and must admit I'm not happy with my workmanship as finnishing is a problem for me.

I first tried my hand at an Iron Man Helmet and that went well right until I tried fiberglass and bodyfiller.....It all went down hill as lots and lots of sanding, filling, sanding and filling later it was just too much.....

I lost lines and just wasn't

NEXT, Was the Green Power Ranger Helmet.

I did a really good pep job and this time tried JESMONITE AC20....
This is like the worst kind of plaster you could possibly imagine and had to be spread on in stages....I hated it and tried yet again the Fiberglass.
I used the Jesmonite on the INSIDE rather than the outside and this was REALLY STRONG but ent back to fiberglass on the inside now instead.

Did the filling on the outside and spent time YET AGAIN, sanding and filling, but not as much or as often.......STILL NOT A GOOD this has been destined to go in my TO DO BOX lol.

I was working on a Stargate Horus Helmet which is still in cardstock form but wanted to make the PEPAKURA Ghostbusters PROTON PACK!!!!!

I've worked with Fiberglass and Fiberglass Tissue, Car Body Filler, Resin, Jesomnite AC20 and also tried other stuff.

MY QUESTION IS!!!! <----Not shouting btw :)

If I was to make a Proton Pack using Pepakura.
What's the best way to strengthen it...I.e. Should I work from the inside with fiberglass and brush resin on the outside for that smooth finnish rather than coating the entire surface in filler, fiberglass and everything known to man and the RPF lol



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One way i have found to limit warping is to cover each individual piece with clear shipping tape, except for the tabs. I first put a light coat of fiberglass resin on the outside of the model. I use fiberglass jell on the inside of the model. I have also found that using syntra for large pieces instead of paper.
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