Pepakura Predator helmet


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Hi, I've posted on the forums below but I'm generally a lurker with no real mad skills at anything in prop making...I just enjoy doing it. It's a very good stress reliever. Hello everyone!

Anyhow, I was messing around with a high poly model of the predator alien and decided to cut off his helmet. Reduce the poly's and unfold it. This is my first ever unfold on letter size paper.


The pep file can be downloaded here

I hope it's okay. I decided to take a break from my sons costume - The Rocketeer.

I did accidently post in the wrong forum, by the time I read it was costumes and not props it was too late. Sorry.
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Sean Hebein

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Looks like a lot of little parts and folds in that bio, should be pretty detailed when you finish it up. Are you going to do the full predator suit or are you just going to stick with the bio? Either way, I love Predator bios so I look forward to tons of pics!


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I'm going to re-unfold it as I have learned more about unfolding since posting this.

The model started with something like 123,000 was very detailed. I chopped it almost 75% so there was like 50,000 faces. It's still very detailed.

I'm going to just make the helm. I love helmets. I have a shoulder and arm piece that I am currently working on. Those are less detailed but very nice. The unfold should be pretty easy as well as the build.

I'll get pictures on this thread when I start working on it. I have to finish a rocketeer helmet and jet pack for a very impatient 10 year old boy first though.


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Updated the unfold. Bigger pieces, fewer small pieces. Still very high detailed and will be a relatively slow build but the end product will be sharp.


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Updated the file. I made the scale a bit larger. Someone told me that it's best to go larger than too small otherwise people with just the viewer can't adjust the cutouts.
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